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Medison Ultrasound Units:

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace 9900

Key Features:

The SONOACE 9900 offers full range of applications specially designed for your practice

  • Extended 3d applications
Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace 8000 Live.

The world's first true 3D color ultrasound system designed to bring the power of real-time 3D imaging to women's health specialists at a breakthrough price.

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace 8000 SE

Today, we're proud to introduce the Special Edition of SONOACE series, SONOACE 8000 SE, which is designed to deliver exceptional imaging performance across the entire range of diagnostic applications. Advanced imaging technologies make SONOACE 8000 SE a particularly outstanding choice for your application.

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace PICO

SONOACE digital color ultrasound systems have a reputation for delivering quality imaging at value prices. And now we have shrunk that imaging power down into a rugged, briefcase-size package that delivers virtually all the diagnostic capabilities of a conventional cart-based system anywhere there is a power outlet. Welcome to the SONOACE Pico, the value choice in portable color.

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace X4.

Itís the summit of evolution, X4 premium Doppler system
Premium class ultrasound performance is no longer just for color systems, introducing the newest entry into the premium class, SONOACE X4 - full featured, premium class black & white ultrasound system from Medison.
Continuing the legacy of our SONOACE series, the all new SONOACE X4 is headlined by premium performance, premium ergonomics and premium workflow in one comprehensive and compact unit, making it an ideal solution for broad range of clinical settings and application areas.

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model Sonoace 600

Portable B/W Ultrasound Unit.

Medison Ultrasound Unit Model MySono 201

Large Screen TFT
See it sharp and clear thanks to the large 6.4-inch TFT LCD display which delivers a non-interlaced
640 X 480 pixel image in 64 shades of gray

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