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New Product: The Delfi Dual PTS is the latest addition to the Delfi family of safe, economical and portable tourniquets
Allows Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (IVRA or Bier Block Anesthesia) and simultaneous bilateral procedures

Safety and Simplicity:

  • Two completely independent tourniquet channels
  • Dual cuffs can be inflated, regulated and deflated, independently of each other
  • Color coded red/blue mounting brackets and red/blue tubing to cuffs
  • Large displays continuously show actual pressure in each cuff
  • Wide range of advanced audio-visual alarms to warn of a variety of hazardous conditions, including high/low pressure and excessive time

Economy: The Delfi Dual PTS is an advanced, fully featured dual tourniquet system for the most cost sensitive environments.asesoria están disponibles para ayudar a los profesionales del cuidado de la salud a tomar las decisiones adecuadas con respecto a cual es la tecnología más apropiada para brindar la mejor asistencia, donde encontrar dicha tecnología y la mejor manera de implementarla.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Delfi tourniquet cuffs and other popular tourniquet cuffs

Portability: Can be operated on AC power or on rechargeable batteries (included)

System: Includes Dual PTS instrument, color-coded mounting brackets and tubing, basket and pole



For more information please contact us at (305) 403-4404 or by Email.

Para mas información por favor comuníquese con nosotros al (305) 403-4404 o por correo electrónico.



New item in our product Line




Producto nuevo en nuestra línea de equipos. Torniquete doble o sencillo fabricado por Delfi y distribuido por Excel Medical Technologies, LLC.

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